Firestopping and fireproofing services provided by Munster Fire Stopping Services
Munster Fire Stopping Services take pride in being industry experts in fireproofing, firestopping and passive fire protection.

Our commitment is to provide a prompt, cost effective yet reliable service to our clients and thanks to our vast experience, technical expertise and hardworking and talented team, we have been fortunate to have been involved in a wide range of exciting and successful projects across every market sector.

At Munster Firestopping Services, we are committed in investing heavily in the training and development of our valued workforce and all of our operatives are trained in the installation of various firestopping systems and their correct procedures.

Contact us today for any more information. If you have any queries on any of our fireproofing products and services, please feel free to let us know. We are more than happy to assist. We look forward to hearing from you.



-    Sealing up rooms with sensitive equipment

-    Airsealing

-    Firesealing Server Rooms after the installation FM200 systems.


-    Boarding of beams and columns using calcium silicate boards

-    Airsealing


-    Boarding of beams and columns using calcium silicate boards


-    Fire protection for the following pipes, ABS, PVC, PP and HDPE

-    Firestopping to all service penetrations

-    Cementitous and Gypsum mortars for wall and floor opes

-    Fire protection to edge of floor slabs

-    Fire rated mastic joints

-    Fire barrier curtains

-    Upgrading of timber floors to give 1 hour fire protection


-    Fire protection of fume cupboard extract duct

-    Fire protection and Insulation of sprinkler systems

-    Fire protection of upto 2 hours for Kitchen extract ducts


-    Finish mastic to road joints, and concrete slab joints externally

-    Finish mastic to wall panels

-    Finish mastic to fixtures & fittings


-    Fire/Thermal/Acoustic supplied & installed

-    systems for floor & wall compartmentation

-    Finish mastic to fixtures & fittings

-    Suspended ceiling void barriers

COMPLIANCE / HEalth & Safety

It’s essential that you select a company that is fully compliant with government, industry regulations and best practices as it is the safest way for you to fully maximize your buildings protection from fire.  We ensure our staff are continually trained and upskilled to the highest standards.

Munster FireStopping Services are fully compliant with  Industry standards.

Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 requires employers, their representative management, and employees alike to consider safety as a joint responsibility. The safety and health of all Munster Firestopping Services employees, whether full time or part time, is an important objective of the organisation.

We will achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of occupational health and safety in compliance with the requirements of all Irish and European legislation as it pertains to our activities. The Safety Statement specifies the manner in which the safety and health of persons employed by the organisation will be secured.

The organisation and its management will do everything possible to ensure a safe working environment for both staff and customers at all times.

All our employees have a legal duty under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2007 to take reasonable care of the safety, health and welfare of ourselves and of others who may be affected by our acts and omissions at work.

It is also the specific duty of any employee to report to their immediate Foremen any defects in the procedures, systems of work, structure, or equipment that might endanger the safety, health, or welfare of anyone on site and give the management a reasonable opportunity to correct the situation.

Partners / Manufacturer's Range

At Munster Firestopping Services, we are proud of our partners/manufacturer's range. You can browse through these ranges below:

-    Nullifire - For over 40 years, Nullifire has been a market leader in      intumescent and fire stopping solutions.

-    Siderise - historically know as Lamatherm / Lamaphon

-    Rockwool - The ROCKWOOL Group is world leader in stone wool solutions.      We create sustainable solutions to protect life, assets, and the environment      today and tomorrow.

-    Promat - formed in 1984, has headquarters &  warehousing are based in      Bracknell, Berkshire with production sites in Bromborough, Carlton and      Heywood.

-    Pyro Range

-    Firefly

-    Sanders

-    Kingspan

Get in Touch

The Loft, Enterprise Park, Ballinrea Road, Cork

E - info@firestopping.ie

P - +353864118044 | +353864118045


Munster Firestopping Services are always in search for experienced firestopping operatives, Sub-contractors and intumescent sprayers. Should you be interested please email your CV and references to info@firestopping.ie

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